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Top 5 Apps for Motivation and Inspiration

Struggling to think of a New Year’s resolution? Or perhaps you’ve given up making them because you’ve not yet fulfilled one?

Fear not! Use these top five apps for the ultimate motivation and inspiration to achieve your goals, whether that is losing weight, learning a new skill or staying positive.

Wonderful Day (74p from Apple Store)

This app helps you to form good habits, thus providing you with a routine to stay motivated every single day. Instead of building a Snapchat streak with your friends, build a Wonderful Day streak for each of your tasks and let the fear of breaking the streak dissuade you from giving up. Wonderful Day enables you to set personal daily or weekly tasks, and the time at which you wish to be reminded of them. See your streak of green dots grow as you complete your tasks, form good habits and fulfil your goals.

Get Sh*t Done! (In-app purchases of 50p per item)

An upbeat and face-paced app, Get Sh*t Done! uses the motivation that you have at the start of a task to keep you inspired throughout. It breaks down tasks into goals and sub-goals and sets significant consequences for your success or failure to achieve them. Personalise this app by choosing from a range of different modes to suit your personality and tasks, and use it as a comprehensive but fun and motivational time management and anti-procrastination device. Get Sh*t Done! will tell you when you’ve earned a break, and reward you when you’ve been successful.

Quotes: Daily Quote of the Day (Free or £2.89 per year for premium with no adverts)

Nothing beats a moving quote from an inspirational figure to motivate you at the start of your day. The quotes on this app form part of a carefully curated collection and it provides you with a quote that promises to be both motivational and inspirational every morning. With the option to learn more about the quote and the person behind it, this app is a must have for anyone seeking a positive start to every day.

Womenspire (Free)

Unique and almost unheard of, men and women alike can benefit from this app. Developed by Chwarae Teg, the Welsh charity championing women’s economic development, this app allows access to hundreds of inspirational quotes from famous women as well as the opportunity to read and share one’s own inspiring stories. A necessary addition to any woman’s phone, but valuable to all genders, Womenspire is a motivational must-have.

coach.me (Free or £11.19 per week for a personal coach)

Branded as a ‘home for ambitious people’, coach.me is less of an app than a community. Use coach.me not only to track your habits and set targets and reminders, but also to join a virtual group of like-minded people. Send each other high-fives as you complete your challenges and motivate each other to fulfil your goals. The coach.me app can be extended to include a personal coach or even a leadership coaching programme for those really committed to achieving their ambitions.

Words by Laura Bramall


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