Top 5 apps for professionals

Just entered the corporate world and desperate it fit in? Old hand working in the City and worried the youngsters are starting to catch up?

Never fear – download these top five apps and you will not only come across as a professional comfortable in the digital age, but also you will improve your efficiency online.


Use Todoist to replace that part of your brain that always forgets the important stuff. This app is not just a to-do list but a collaboration space; use the business option to work with up to 50 colleagues on 200 projects at a time, with real-time data synchronisation. Create tasks, sub-tasks and due dates, all within a distraction-free design. Download Todoist to be your ultimate business partner and make you super organised.


The starting point for making connections, find professional contacts and stay up to date with the latest business news using LinkedIn. Create your profile, share your knowledge (or view other people’s), and use your connections to find that dream job. With lots of optional extras, LinkedIn is a must have for any professional, and the app helps you keep your contacts close to hand.


Been at your desk all day and your eyes are starting to swim? Or maybe you’ve got a long car journey and a deadline tomorrow? Dragon dictation allows you to work without typing; speak to your phone instead. Fast, hands-free and versatile, this app claims to allow you to send emails five times faster than when you type them. Using this app doesn’t just mean you’ve caught up with the professional world; you’re ahead of it.


An obvious choice but important nevertheless, use Skype to video call others from your phone or tablet. Without having to lug your bulky laptop everywhere you go, use this app to catch up with colleagues on the train or moan to a friend on a Monday morning. Download the Skype app to make your video chats truly portable and keep in touch with offices all around the world.


This app might appear pricey, but the cost is totally worth it if you’re a regular Office 365 user. Login to Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint from your phone and use the file sharing feature to view and edit the documents your colleagues are working on back at the office. This app comes with built in security and tools to protect corporate data, just as Microsoft does on your laptop. Much more can be added, such as Self Service Business Intelligence (BI), with a range of packages available at different prices. Office Mobile is a must-have for any businessperson working from their phone or tablet.

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Words by Laura Bramall