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suitcase essentials

How to Pack a Suitcase

Summer is well and truly upon us, despite what the weather currently has in store for us here in the UK!

Holidays beckon and out of office emails are waiting to be sent. Being a pro packer is a certain art and Porter Riley want to have you covered.

You can go most places for a week with carry-on luggage if you pack some savvy staples. Be it a city break to Lisbon or a beach retreat to Bali, we can all use a few tips to streamline our suitcase and help lift some of the stress of travelling.

Suitcase Essentials

When packing, there are two categories: the luxuries and the essentials. The essentials are the bare minimum items that you absolutely need, just in case things don’t go entirely to plan. All these items should fit into a medium sized pouch, placed strategically for easy access. These should include:

  • Porter Riley phone case: If you’re one of those people who feels that they never have enough hands then look no further than our stylish and clever phone cases. Each case – as well as protecting your tech – comes with card slots and a place to store cash. No more fumbling around for loose change, the Porter Riley phone case offers a slick all-in-one solution to put you in control.
  • Passport and boarding pass: Fairly essential if you want to leave the country, make sure these are easily accessible. If you feel extra clever, download your airline app and get your boarding pass electronically. Ta-dah – one less document to worry about.
  • Adaptor: This goes without saying, but if you want to be able to put juice in your tech then make sure you’ve got the right tools!
  • Wires: Similar to the above, but make sure you are carrying all essential chargers with you, just in case.
  • Multi-purpose products: Liquid restrictions are unanimously hated, but alas, they are a fact of life. Be smart and bring products which do two jobs in one: creams which beautify and have SPF, or oils which benefit skin and hair. You’ll thank us when you’re not debating with airport security over the 125ml bottle you’ve tried to sneak in.

This small edit of products should have you covered for all eventualities. It also helps to throw in some pain killers and ear plugs in preparation for any screaming children.

holiday essentials including passport phone case book sunglasses hat suncream

How to Pack like a Pro

We rather fancy ourselves as pretty great packers here at Porter Riley. Here are some tips and tricks we’ve picked up along the way:

  • Roll, don’t fold: Our mothers were right, rolling creates extra space in your suitcase and reduces the risk of creasing – win, win!
  • Pack by outfit: Yes, this takes a little more thought when you’re packing, but it saves so much time the other end. Select pieces which can be mixed and matched so that you spend less time fussing and more time exploring.
  • Accessories: Ah, the cumbersome straw hat that says Provençal chic but proves a pain to pack. You know the one? Try padding out the hat with swimwear and soft t-shirts and create a little nook amongst your things for it to sit in. This way, the hat is more likely to retain its shape and you don’t lose vital suitcase space. Try to ensure the brim is as flat as possible to avoid the wonky scarecrow look.
  • Spritz your packed case liberally with your desired holiday scent. This will ensure your clothes still smell fantastic, despite being squashed by travel. Decant your perfume or cologne into a smaller vial which saves you lugging around a bulky glass bottle.

Oh…. and don’t forget to make a little space for any treasures you find along the way – you’d never forgive yourself if you passed up a gorgeous trinket because you’d decided to bring all eight pairs of your favourite shoes along.

Craving a little luxury for your solo trip? Buying a gift for a travel-loving friend? Want an all-in-one storage solution for your phone, cash and cards? Porter Riley is here to answer your call. Our luxury leather phone cases are more than an accessory, helping you carry your mobile, camera and cash in one. Wherever you wander, take Porter Riley with you and make ordinary travel a little bit more extraordinary.

Words and photos by Serena Banfield


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