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Top 5 Apps for Students

It’s half way through term.

Your workload is mounting and you’re already over budget. Struggling to cope? We’ve found five apps that will help you get through those essay crises and cooking disasters – and back to the pub.

UNiDAYS (Free)

The ultimate app for student discounts. When it claims to get you discounts on ‘all your favourite brands’, it’s not exaggerating. This free-to-download app is as useful for your weekly food shop as it is for updating your wardrobe. UNiDAYS outperforms other discount apps in the sheer volume of shops it covers, from Adidas to MAC, Ask Italian to H. Samuel. Use this app to impress your parents by not exceeding your budget quite so quickly.

 BigOven (Free or £2.27 per month)

Made the brave decision to leap into self-catered accommodation, but refused to let your parents teach you how to cook? This app is here to save you. Free unless you’re a serious cook and want access to more extensive recipes and nutrition tools, this app not only provides your grocery list but also recipe inspiration. This is the perfect app to halt the onset of malnourishment, and also an opportunity for some flatmate bonding time over preparing tonight’s lasagne.

Twinword Writer (Free)

Available as an app or online, this is the ultimate essay writing tool. Everyone knows the frustration of being stuck on a word halfway through an essay – you’ve said the same thing six times but are still under the word count. Twinword Writer immediately analyses your essay for you, counting how many times words have been repeated, suggesting a whole list of synonyms where they have, and recommending tags and keywords relevant to your writing. It may not write your whole essay for you, but with Twinword Writer you don’t have to worry about being accused of plagiarism as is the case with so many other essay writing apps. This app will help you along your way with those essays you can’t quite finish, decreasing stress (and increasing time spent at the pub).

Quizlet (Free)

Undoubtedly useful for anyone with exams, this app is well-known and for good reason. Don’t ever spend hours writing revision cards again – steal someone else’s! The app claims to have 194,597,000 study sets on offer, with more being added every day. Access millions of revision cards on almost all subjects from your phone and laptop, or, if you prefer something more personal, create your own. Quizlet provides a number of ways to test yourself using your virtual cards; write them out, match them up, or play a game.

 Skout (Free or £7.99 per month)

For most of us, the idea of not making friends and spending our time away from lectures alone is terrifying. This app claims to be the global network for meeting new people and can be likened to Tinder – for friendship. Set your preferences and location, then browse through profiles to hand pick your new friends.

Make student life simpler with a Porter Riley phone case, designed to keep your tech in check (and your degree on track). Part-wallet, part-phone case, part-status symbol, Porter Riley’s range of leather phone cases blend the practical and the pretty, ensuring you are the most organised – and stylish – student on campus.

Words by Laura Bramall


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