The supermarket adverts are out and the dulcet tones of Michael Bublé have commandeered the radio, which means it must be time to start your Christmas shopping.

Love it or dread it, shopping must be done and presents must be wrapped. Struggling for inspiration? Here are five ideas to save you – and your techno-loving friends – from despair.


Perfect for absolutely everybody who owns a phone, Porter Riley offer a range of classy but affordable phone cases – making ordinary gift giving just a little more extraordinary. All made from luxury leather, you can choose your preferred colour – from chocolate brown to tan, black to navy blue – to tailor the case just as you would like it. This practical but pretty present will keep your loved one’s tech in check all year round and remind them of you whenever they use their phone (which is likely to be often).


Great as a present for techno-mad kids or as a stocking filler, this gadget is bound to be appreciated by anyone who uses their phone a lot. PopSockets claim to allow you to use your phone better; increasing the ease with which you hold your phone and reducing your chances of dropping it. A little addition that can be stuck onto the back of a phone (or a Porter Riley case!), PopSockets are available in a range of designs and colours, and can even be personalised with a photo. A PopSocket would brighten the Christmas of any child or young teenager; they’re super cool and very reasonably priced.


Universally underrated, a portable charger is a great present for anyone who travels a lot or for a family about to go on holiday. Highly practical and available in a range of different designs, sizes, and at different costs, a portable charger can mean the difference between a phone’s life or death. The recipient of this present will soon be grateful to you when their portable charger saves them from a sticky situation.


Whether you choose a music, gaming or news app, buying someone a subscription is a cost effective and very personal present. This gift idea is suitable for any family member or friend, from your grandma wanting to read The Economist every morning to your teenage brother desperate to download the latest Stormzy album. There are thousands of subscription appsavailable; simply search what you are looking for on the iTunes or Google Play stores to find a popular present.


Suitable for technophobe or technophile alike, a speaker or music player is a welcome addition to any home. A large range of speakers are available, from small and portable to massive and wireless – perfect for parties. This is the present to turn to when you’re truly stuck for ideas; a speaker can be bought for any friend or family and effortlessly brightens up Christmas and New Year get-togethers.

Words by Laura Bramall

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